Guinea Fowl
Rodent Curled Large

I have worked from my small studio in Ross-on-Wye since 1982. Some years prior to that, I luckily secured an apprenticeship with Adam Dvorski; a lovely man who worked from his Pottery in Clyro which is close to Hay-on-Wye.

This provided the foundation on which I started throwing domestic ware and all produced from a very small corrugated tin shed in my parent’s garden.  One day I made an owl – quite different to a plate or mug.  Animals and birds with elegant and simple form quickly became my dominant work and which continues through to the present day.

My work, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor display, represents the animals and birds mostly native to the UK, such as, foxes, hares, badgers to name but a few.

All pieces are hand built using Craft Crank mixture clay, with no moulds or repeat methods being used.  The majority of my work is coiled, with solid additions and then hand modelled using a range of simple tools. Colours are achieved using painted oxides.  All visitors are welcome to my studio and if that coincides with my working day, you may be able to see this process on display.

Fox Reclining